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Samantha Jayne Grubey

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Monday 29th August 2022

Princess Amelia has been silent for ten years, ever since Amelia and Ava were kidnapped. One returned home the other did not. Amelia has always kept herself guarded with her twenty-first birthday approaching things are going to be changing.

Ethan Sparks is on his first assignment, guard the Princess in the Palace. The longer he’s there the more he finds himself being drawn to Princess Amelia, he can see she’s drowning and he wants to help. 

Romantic interests stirs in a mixing pot of emotions as Amelia and her family recover from the kidnapping and murder of her sister. Unsure what to feel or who to believe, Amelia needs to find her truth, as she deals with her trauma and finally brings her family to mend. Along the way they find themselves hitting challenges at every wall. So many questions left unanswered by the kidnapping and murder, can she finally find the answers she’s searching for? Can Amelia finally allow herself to live and be freed from the guilt she feels? Can Ethan survive the challenges that come with falling for a Princess in line for the throne? 


Monday 17th November 2022

Nobody wants to live without their best friend, but when Holly is murdered, Chlo has no choice.

Chlo is the only person who has the answers - too bad she can’t remember when she wakes up two weeks later.

Chlo is sent to a rehabilitation centre where she has to learn to grieve, along the way of trying to access her memories she has to deal with her feelings for Corey, her best friend’s brother.

For Holly was always a reason to stay away, now it’s their reason to try.

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Writing by the Water

"Shoot for the stars because even if you catch the moon that's a blooming big thing to catch."

Giovanna Fletcher


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