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2024 Goals

2024 Goals: 

  • Try to post at least once a month on YouTube. 

  • Try to post once a week on all author social medias (I want to get better but we'll aim low first). 

  • Try and read 100 books, my reading has gone down in recent years so I think it's time to challenge myself with trying to read 100 books. 

  • Make sure I have one day a week that is focused on self-care or seeing friends, something that isn't work or writing. 

  • And the last one which is asking a lot to be honest... Be happy... Last year my goal was to survive and I did so now we're trying be happy if not we'll go back to being surviving. 

Author goals this year: 

  • Publish Royal Mayhem! 

I sent this to my developmental editor in like November or something I think. I should really check in with that. So I am hoping this will be the year that I publish this book. Part of me is just dreading writing the blurb tbh 😂 I'll have to get over it.

  • Decide on which book is going to be book 4 published. 

I have a loads of first drafts written but it's whichever picks my fancy to publish next. 

  • Build on growing my author platforms, my instagram, my TikTok Facebook page, recently started using threads. 

So I want to spend time building those platforms organically though I don't want spam accounts or just follow for follows kind of thing. I want it to be organic. I just need to get better at posting because I suck. 

So that's what I'm hoping to achieve in 2024! Not much but also a lot!

If you have goals let me know some of yours!

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